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LP Sports on Mission

Each year teams from Lake Pointe go out and use KidsGames as a way to reach thousands of children and teach them Christian, Scripture-based value lessons through the a similar format used here in Rockwall. LP Sports is currently involved in Ghana, Washington D.C., and here in Rockwall.

We want you to get involved in these mission opportunities to use KidsGames to establish and grow relationships with God in kids across the globe.



Started as an alternative to sports camp and traditional VBS, KidsGames came to Lake Pointe in 2012 as an innovative way to reach kids for Christ. Now entering our 5th year, KidsGames has grown to serve not only the children of the Rockwall area but as a training location for LP Sports teams to learn how to share KidsGames across the globe.


Our volunteers play a very active and vital role in our program  This is a special opportunity to serve others while building relationships with young children. Volunteers are needed in many different areas, from Elective Leaders to Small Group Leaders.


Washington D.C. | District Church

As the capitol of our great nation, Washington DC boasts some of the highest numbers of poverty and single parent families of any other large city in the United States. Our partner church, the District Church, founded in 2010, seeks to reach the lost and the lonely in this powerful metropolis.

Our LP Sports KidsGames team will partner with District Church in the inner city of Washington DC to reach children who are otherwise forgotten and alone as we share Christ with them through this fun, exciting outreach.


Currently, a trip is being planned to Washington, DC June 25-30, 2016. This team will introduce and lead KidsGames with the District Church. All you need to do to be part of our team is to love kids and love Jesus—we will teach you everything you need to know about Sharing Christ and Building Believers in Washington, DC through KidsGames.


Ghana | All Souls Baptist Church, Gbawe (bŏw-ee)

Pastor Dennis Dzobo, has been leading the congregation of All Souls Baptist Church in Gbawe, a suburb of the capital city of Accra, since Lake Pointe Church helped plant the church in 2002. Teams have opportunities to lead Kid’s Games, participate in Village Transformation projects, and help the local church serve their local community.

LP Sports brought the first KG to Gbawe in 2014 serving over 1000 local, village children daily in our 4 day event. Since then, the KidsGames team has expanded by introducing KidsGames to another LP partner in Northern Ghana where we will hold our first KG in the summer of 2016.

Ghana | Koinonia Baptist Church, Tamale (tom-a-lee)

Pastor Isaac Wuni leads Koinonia Baptist Chuch in the Northern City of Tamale. Tamale is over 90% Muslim and is the fastest growing city in West Africa. Lake Pointe has partnered with Koinonia since 2014. In the summer of 2016, LP Sports will introduce KidsGames for the first time in this northern Ghana city alongside our partners at Koinonia Baptist Church.


Currently, trips are being planned to both Gbawe and Tamale July 29-August 8, 2016. This team will help coordinate and lead both KidsGames programs in these two cities. All you need to do to be part of our team is to love kids and love Jesus—we will teach you everything you need to know about Sharing Christ and Building Believers in Ghana through KidsGames.